Submissions are closed.  Our artists are hard at work!  April-July 2020 = Release!



    DEAD (@skumsuck) and SHANE (@deflectricc)

  • THEME:
    18+ (ero)GURO involving the characters from TF2

    drawings + comics + SFM + writing


    physical copies of the zine + all merch

    8X10", color cover, 32-44 PGS black/white/red interiors
    + 4x6 postcard prints
    + 2x2 stickers

    + 2x5.5 bookmarks
    + perhaps a B/W t-shirt?!

  • PRICE:
    $15 for physical zine pre-order + merch bundle options

    + free to view digital zine

    Updates on this project will be posted on this page, then on my twitter and tumblr.

    Important updates will be sent via email.  We will have a discord for general updates.

  • THIS ZINE WILL CONTAIN ADULT ART MADE BY ADULTS FOR OTHER ADULTS.  No silly internet drama over fake cartoons and ships.  If you have an issue with someone, you guys can fight it out over an MGE scout v scout viaduct mid.  Immaturity and pettiness over cartoons will lead to a kick from the project.

This will be a traditional DIY'D homebrewed zine.  Physical zine will be printed in my home studio and binded by handsewing like a yaoi necronomicon.



All artists must be 18+ and comfortable with gore/sexual content.  The theme is (ero)GURO, so expect your peers to delve into dark subject matter.  All art will be newly created for the zine, or has been unreleased before the zine is printed.

Location doesn't matter!  I'm based in the USA, and I'm willing to ship out wherever in the world.  As long as we can communicate in English, we're all good.

The zine will include gore of all types!  Whether it's the goofy hyper-violence of the game world, more serious grim-gritty depictions of war, or the melding of (homo)eroticism and gore art that I love so much it's all good.  Anything from slight bruises, to body horror, to subtle medical gore, to big disgusting over-the-top guts is cool!  I'm very open to ideas.  I'd love to see how creative you can get with the theme!

Artists and writers may choose to work together to illustrate or write for each other's contribution.  I will assign artists who wrote in the "Briefly describe the idea for your piece!" that they'd like to work with a writer.  After artists are chosen, you may let me know if you want to work with a specific artis or writer.

After the zine is 

You do not have to draw erotic art.  Just gore is fine too!


Drawings (illustrations, comics, etc):

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR IN APPLICATIONS: Submit an album of 1-10 images of what you know is your best work.  It doesn't have to be TF2, but I'd like to see what you've done in the gore/horror realm.  I like all styles of art, whether traditional or digital.  I especially love storytelling and personality!  So less art of a character facing left with no expression, and more poses and emotion and context!  I'm looking for character-based art, so you don't need backgrounds in your drawing though they would be nice to see!

WHAT I'D LIKE IN THE ZINE: Artists are allotted 2 pages to fit into the zine.  One full 8x10 illustration counts as one page.  A spot illustration (which may accompany writing) counts as half a page.  Artists who choose to help create merch may choose to only design merch, and do not have to draw something for the zine interior.  All artists will be credited in the zine credit list. 


Please optimize your drawings for black and white printing.  I am going to try to print red spot colors as well!  The piece doesn't need a background unless you wanna draw that.  Sex is fine to depict.  For the visual art, I'd like to steer closer to being classy yet sassy, than straight up dicks-in-your-face hentai ahegao sperm fountain pornography (that can be for another zine hehe).  So, wieners and boobies are fine, but try to frame penetration and all that fun stuff in a artistic way (i.e. focus on composition, expression, stylization, etc more than just genitals).


POTENTIAL INSPIRATION: If you need inspiration for B/W character art with a touch of selective color, check out this selection of Spillingdown's art!

SFM (or other 3D art):

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR IN APPLICATIONS: Submit an album of 1-10 images or animations.  It doesn't have to be TF2 but it'd be great to see what you can do with the characters!  I'm personally a huge fan of stylized 3D art that include fun facial expressions, pushed poses that complement character personality, strong shapes, environmental moodiness, or all of the above!  All the above attributes contribute to my absolute favorite thing, storytelling.

WHAT I'D LIKE IN THE ZINE: I LOVE GOOD CHARACTER ART!!  Whether that's showing off a personality or interaction!  We can't print an animation, so set up a good keyframe/scene!  Set up your composition and lighting so it looks good in printed grayscale.  Stuff that's high contrast and pays attention to negative space and shapes will look great!  Paint overs are fine, the process doesn't matter as long as the final product looks cool.

Writing (fiction, prose, nonfiction, meta, etc):

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR IN APPLICATIONS: Submit a link to your favorite piece with less than 2000 words (for ease of reading), or a cropped portion of a longer piece that totals to less than 2000 words.  It doesn't need to be TF2 related, but it'd help if I was familiar with the characters!  I like character studies, funny stuff, and sad sexy stuff!  Emotional turmoil is more ero to me than explicit sex.  Extra points for stuff in the gore/horror realm that's funny or sad.    Gen stuff is great too, specifically for TF2 stuff if you can capture the different personalities of each character!

WHAT I'D LIKE IN THE ZINE: You may write anything up to 5000 words.  There is no minimum, but if you go over 5000 words we will have to truncate your writing to fit in the printed zine.  The full version will be available to read or be linked to online.  Write pretty much whatever you want!  You have freedom over the level of violence sexuality they wish to write; you can get as kinky or gorey as you want within the general content guidelines. 


Stuff that's ok:​​

  • Genderbends, kinks, and all ships are fine!

  • Having no sexuality and just gore is fine too!

  • Trans stuff and fantasy versions of gender/genitalia are cool.  Heavy with a cooch?  Maybe Medic installed that for him?  I love it!

  • AUs are alright!  Characters should be recognizable as one of the 9 original mercs, both visually and personality-wise.

  • Miss P and the Administrator are fine characters to depict in addition to the 9 mercs.

Content restrictions:

  • No child characters.

  • No hateful racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc shit.  Specifically for TF2 tropes, no nazi Medic or racial slurs at Demoman.  Scout using homo/transphobic slurs in writing is an iffy trope, I'm gonna have to examine the context.

  • Furry stuff beyond, like, animal heads or feral traits, is ehhh.  This rule is flexible, cuz I like symbolic animal stuff like Spilly's panther Mob.  But like, no dog weiners or horse buttholes.

  • Big titty fempyro better be good if you use them!

Be as big brained as you can!  I love galaxy brain next level shit, and I know y'all are super smart and sexy!




Hello, I don't like typing about myself.  I'm the @skumsuck guy who's running the zine.


I've produced plenty of my own zines, and this one will follow the format and physical specs of the Whorror Zine I made a couple years ago: Writing alongside illustrations, because I believe writing is the backbone of art and idea-sharing, and visual art is just so spicy!  The paper quality will be the same, that is to say light matte photo paper for the covers and creamy interiors printed with my trusty Canon Pixma Pro 100. 


I work professionally as an artist with and without a group, and I regularly complete private commissions on a timely schedules.  This will be the first large community zine I've organized, and I'll be happy to work with the artists and writers to make this a pleasant group project for us all!  You can expect me to keep things running smoothly and professionally.

I will be personally designing the cover, one or two spot illustrations, and a shirt.

Shane is my pardner and he will be conducting interviews with the artists after the creation part of the project is done!  He's a great artist, and very smart and sexy.


The themes of violence WILL step into non-consent!  If you are uncomfortable with non-con, that's perfectly fine and you don't have to apply to the zine or look at the contents.  Only people over the age of 18 will be able to contribute to the zine or view it, and the contents will be locked on my website where minors and those with sensitive palates will not accidentally see it.


Contents may include:

Blood, amputation, consensual cannibalism, torture, death, murder, betrayal, snuff, decapitation (BLU Spy head!), medical gore, organ harvesting, nonconsensual surgery, organ stuffing, organ explosions, gun violence, knife violence, bashed in heads, emotional torment, ravishment fantasies, unhealthy relationships, loving missionary sex between two mercenaries for the sole purpose of procreation, handholding, and so on and so forth.  As the great mangaka Gengoroh Tagame says, please maintain a healthy distinction between fantasy and reality!

The entire game is based on graphically murdering your enemy.  Very few people consent to getting shot in the head, or having their organs harvested.  Just look at Meet The Medic!  Dude's implanting baboon hearts and uteruses into all his teammates and stealing their souls.  The characters and situations can get pretty nuts n' over-the-top in the TF2 world!

This just means that consensual gore is even sweeter though!  There's nothing cuter than a dude who enthusiastically WANTS to get his body mangled, like Engie chopping off his own hand to replace with a robotic appendage!!  Maybe someone WANTS to have their body frankenstein'd by friendly ol' Medic!  Be creative!



This zine is considered FOR-PROFIT, and any profit made from selling merch (after calculating print and shipping costs) will be split evenly between every contributor.

All contributors will be compensated with a physical copy of the zine, and a bundle of all the prints, stickers, and bookmarks we've made for the project!  I will be handling printing, manufacturing and shipping for the zine and merch.


Contributors that contribute art for the merch will be compensated with more copies of whatever they designed.  (5x prints, 5x stickers, or 5x bookmarks) They are free to use, sell, or give away the merch as they please.  They may purchase more of the merch at-cost if they'd like me to help them make more.

Writers are welcome to help with merch too, I'd like some ideas on how to integrate writing with art! Designing merch is optional.  

Artists are welcome to do whatever they want with merch they design, I will not hold the rights to the art and you can reprint and sell your own designs as well.


All contributors retain the rights to the art and writing they submit.  They can use their own art however they wish.


By participating, they are granting me the temporary rights to reprint the art + writing for the zine during the printing period (which will last til the summer of the year 2020), and reproduce their work on my website with credit indefinitely.  After the printing period, I will no longer reprint their work.  As long as the zine remains on my website, their work will remain reproduced on my site. 


Should an artist no longer wish for their work to be viewable on my website, they should email me at TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.COM and let me know that they want me to take their work down!  I'll do it no questions asked, and leave in blank filler in the work's place.


★ FAQ:

🤔 Would you accept anonymous contributions to the gore zine?

Yep! You can be completely anonymous and not even reveal your identity to me, but then I can't send you the physical copy :( or you can gimme your shipping address so you can get a copy, and I can keep you anonymous on the credit list!

🤔 Can I do just gore NSFW? Not porn NSFW?

YES! Any gore art is okay! It can be subtle bruises and scratches, to splatterhouse blood everywhere!  Your art does not have to involve sex or porn.  Artists don't have to draw anything they are uncomfortable with.  You should be comfortable with the other artists drawing and writing sexual art.

🤔 Would you like us to pre-do the bleed parameters etc. for printing?

Sure! The zine size will be 8.5x11 (an 11x17 folded in half). The bleed will be 1 inch on each side, so create your art with that in mind.

🤔 Is Traditional art OK? I can scan and photoshop so the quality is as good as i can get it, but wanted to double check.

Yes!  Any art media is fine.  I ink most of my art traditionally, I plan to draw my piece tradtionally, and all the zines I've printed have been scanned traditional art.  I really like the way traditional art looks, and it has more of the classic zine-y feel to it too!

🤔 Can the art we submit to the application be from other fandoms and contain not necessarily gore, but other Problematic Content(tm)? what are the limits/rules of the application? as an artist with a wide variety of style/techniques/etc what would you recommend be showcased for the app?

When apps open, submit your strongest work! It can be from other fandoms and doesn't need to be TF2, gore, or problematic. Though it'd be nice to have some TF2 pieces in there so I can see how you draw the characters, or some dark pieces to gauge how you draw mood. I have no squicks besides loli/shota, and like, poop, so don't send those in your application LOL.


If you have a lot of styles, submit work that will showcase the style you'll use for your piece! Especially B/W work since that's how the interior art will be printed. Above technique, I'll be selecting artists with cool ideas and concepts! So show me some big brained stuff that shows you're thinking about what you're drawing!  After all, I want this to be a legit art zine and I'm going to have the artists talk about their work in a lil more detail than just dumping art on a page.

I'll post more on my site about applications and the jury process when surveys are over and data has been compiled after the 30th. Right now, the only thing that's solid is that me and

@deflectricc will be jurying applications :^)

🤔 Will the zine be in color or B/W?


The printed zine will have color covers and B/W interiors!  That means everyone should be drawing for a B/W format!  The online version of the zine can have color.

🤔 Can I do a two-page spread illustration?

Yes!  Artists are allotted up to two pages worth of illustrations.




50 people in total responded, what a pleasant surprise!  Thank you all for lending your opinion!