(DIGITAL) Cum Dolore : a TF2 Ero Guro Zine


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individual goodies

all profits go to the original artists!

if you live outside of the USA, shipping for flat goods is only $3 if you purchase via Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/listing/813432673/

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original art

all profits go towards printing the physical zine!

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APRIL 30TH 2020: check my store on this site for pre-orders!

MAY 15TH 2020: physical copies will be available for pre-order

JUNE 5TH 2020: pre-orders will close, physical copies will start shipping.

Orders for physical zines will start shipping out JUNE 5TH, 2020. Next month! So that folx that ordered books will have em in their hands, while digital PDFs get sent out to everybody on JUNE 15TH, 2020.

    8X10", color cover, 32-44 PGS black/white/red interiors
    + 4x6 postcard prints
    + 2x2 stickers

    + 2x5.5 bookmarks
    + B/W t-shirt

  • PRICE:
    $15 physical printed zine(pre-order).  $20 after pre-order period.
    $5 digital PDF zine.

    $25 bundle of stickers + zine + bookmarks
    $40 bundle of stickers + zine + bookmarks + prints
    COMING SOON: limited $60 bundle of stickers + zine + prints + bookmarks + SHIRT!

Zine will be free to view on my website's comics page after orders are shipped!


    DEAD (@skumsuck) and SHANE (@deflectricc)

  • THEME:
    18+ NSFW ADULTS ONLY!! (ero)GURO involving the characters from TF2.  All mature content warnings for blood, death, and violent sex apply.

    drawings + comics + SFM + writing. 



  • Updates on this project will be posted on this page, then on my twitter and tumblr.

  • THIS ZINE WILL CONTAIN ADULT ART MADE BY ADULTS FOR OTHER ADULTS.  No silly internet drama over fake cartoons and ships.  If you have an issue with someone, you guys can fight it out over an MGE scout v scout viaduct mid.  Immaturity and pettiness over cartoons will lead to a kick from the project.

  • For questions and inquiries about the zine, please message the main organizer SKUMSUCK via email (tempural@scumsuck.com) or via social media dms.

This will be a traditional DIY'D homebrewed zine.  Physical zine will be printed in my home studio and binded by handsewing like a yaoi necronomicon.




Hello, I don't like typing about myself.  I'm the @skumsuck guy who's running the zine.


I've produced plenty of my own zines, and this one will follow the format and physical specs of the Whorror Zine I made a couple years ago: Writing alongside illustrations, because I believe writing is the backbone of art and idea-sharing, and visual art is just so spicy!  The paper quality will be the same, that is to say light matte photo paper for the covers and creamy interiors printed with my trusty Canon Pixma Pro 100. 


I work professionally as an artist with and without a group, and I regularly complete private commissions on a timely schedules.  This will be the first large community zine I've organized, and I'll be happy to work with the artists and writers to make this a pleasant group project for us all!  You can expect me to keep things running smoothly and professionally.

I will be personally designing the cover, one or two spot illustrations, and a shirt.

Shane is my pardner and he will be conducting interviews with the artists after the creation part of the project is done!  He's a great artist, and very smart and sexy.


The themes of violence WILL step into non-consent!  If you are uncomfortable with non-con, that's perfectly fine and you don't have to apply to the zine or look at the contents.  Only people over the age of 18 will be able to contribute to the zine or view it, and the contents will be locked on my website where minors and those with sensitive palates will not accidentally see it.


Contents may include:

Blood, amputation, consensual cannibalism, torture, death, murder, betrayal, snuff, decapitation (BLU Spy head!), medical gore, organ harvesting, nonconsensual surgery, organ stuffing, organ explosions, gun violence, knife violence, bashed in heads, emotional torment, ravishment fantasies, unhealthy relationships, loving missionary sex between two mercenaries for the sole purpose of procreation, handholding, and so on and so forth.  As the great mangaka Gengoroh Tagame says, please maintain a healthy distinction between fantasy and reality!

The entire game is based on graphically murdering your enemy.  Very few people consent to getting shot in the head, or having their organs harvested.  Just look at Meet The Medic!  Dude's implanting baboon hearts and uteruses into all his teammates and stealing their souls.  The characters and situations can get pretty nuts n' over-the-top in the TF2 world!

This just means that consensual gore is even sweeter though!  There's nothing cuter than a dude who enthusiastically WANTS to get his body mangled, like Engie chopping off his own hand to replace with a robotic appendage!!  Maybe someone WANTS to have their body frankenstein'd by friendly ol' Medic!  Be creative!


All contributors retain the rights to the art and writing they submit.  They can use their own art however they wish.

This zine is considered "for-profit", and all profits from sales will be split between contributors equally after taking into account printing and shipping.

By participating, they are granting me the temporary rights to reprint the art + writing for the zine during the printing period (which will last til the summer of the year 2020), and reproduce their work on my website with credit indefinitely.  After the printing period, I will no longer reprint their work.  As long as the zine remains on my website, their work will remain reproduced on my site. 


Should an artist no longer wish for their work to be viewable on my website, they should email me at TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.COM and let me know that they want me to take their work down!  I'll do it no questions asked, and leave in blank filler in the work's place.