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Projected time frame:

August 2020: interest check

Late 2020: sign-ups

Mid 2021: zine release!

This will be a digital + physical printed zine in the style of my TF2 gore zine.  The zine PDF will be designed by me (SKUMSUCK), and printed by me in my home studio.  It will be free to view after the project is done!

The zine will be in the style of a "Girl Scout" handbook and activity book, celebrating FemScouts and their history in the fandom, as well as just reflecting on girlhood in general.  It will be tongue-in-cheek, contrasting a bit of childishness with the world of an M rated 17+ bloody game like TF2.  So think coloring pages, crossword puzzles, spotlights on characters, cute drawings of our Scouts doin' Scout things like stealing briefcases and beating people up...!  Other characters are allowed to be drawn, but keep the focus on the GIRL SCOUT!!!


I'll be personally drawing an illustration of all our Scouts interacting together on a poster sorta print!  Maybe like a Where's Waldo kinda thing.

I'll also be writing a forward about what I've observed about FemScouts in the fandom, from their use as creatively fun genderbends, to the infamous SFM porn saturation, and even their use as self-inserts for girls to kiss Sniper or Spy!

I aim to have a collection of Scout characters in this zine that reflect the diversity of the artists who play TF2, so I encourage everyone to submit a variety of Scouts that are non-American, Black, white, Puerto-Rican, Chinese, skinny, fat, gay, trans, tall, short, or anything your characters happen to be!  Your Scout does not have to reflect you personally, I just think it's neat that not all Scouts have to be skinny Boston big slappy boiz.

    8.5X5.5", color cover (on kraft paper?), 24-30 pgs black/white interiors with some spot color.
    + 1 8x10 print of all the Scout characters together
    + some amount of stickers!

    + 1 bookmark
    + 1 embroidered patch

  • PRICE:
    $10 physical printed zine(pre-order).  $15 after pre-order period.  Bundles to be decided.
    $5 digital PDF zine.

Zine will be free to view on my website's comics page after orders are shipped!


    DEAD (@skumsuck) and SHANE (@deflectricc)

  • THEME:
    SFW art celebrating characters that are female Scouts, whether they're OCs, genderbends, self-inserts, or based on pre-existing characters like the official female Scout designs, Scout-Chan, or even the infamous SFM femscout model!  No porn!  A lil' cheekiness is allowed, think saucy Spongebob jokes or somethin'.

    drawings + comics + SFM + writing + any other type of art you can think of!  Poetry?  Collage? Photography??!  Crafts?!  SURE THING!  It will be reproduced in black and white for the print zine, so think about how you'll create with that limitation!



    Physical + Digital zine, all merch, and split profit! Whether we sell one copy or 50 copies, we're splitting it!  My last TF2 zine managed to split $70 between each artists, so I'm hoping for $20-$50 for each person on this smaller project.  I'll also be drawing everyone's characters!

    Anyone can apply, from any country and any background!  One does not need to be a girl or a scout, you just need to LOVE and APPRECIATE girls and scouts.  I will not be judging applications based on skill level, but on characterization and ideas. You will need a paypal account to get the money compensation, and a shipping address if you want the physical book shipped to you!

    Updates on this project will be posted on this page, then on my twitter and tumblr.

  • No silly internet drama over fake cartoon ships, or any girl-hatred of any kind whether it's towards fujoshi, yumejoshi, himejoshi, gay girls, trans girls, or 30+ year old moms who write vampire romance novels!!  If you have an issue with someone, please fight it out over an MGE Scout v Scout Viaduct Mid.  Immaturity will lead to a kick from the project.

  • For questions and inquiries about the zine, please message the main organizer SKUMSUCK via email (tempural@scumsuck.com), on curious cat (https://curiouscat.me/SKUMSUCK) or via social media dms.

This will be a traditional DIY'D homebrewed zine.  Physical zine will be printed in my home studio and binded like a yaoi necronomicon.

★ FAQ:

Q: "Can we do girl spies too?"

A: Of course!  Your main character should be a girl Scout, but she can have a girl Spy for a friend, as a treat.  I'm def gonna draw my gorl scout n gorl spy for my piece...

Q: "Is there an age restriction?" 

A: There is no official age restriction.  But I believe you need to be 18+ to even have a paypal account to get paid.  Content can and should display canon typical violence and saucy jokes, but no pornography.  Think Spongebob and getting "adult" things past the censors!

Q:"Can u elaborate more on the criteria for SFM" 

A:SFM is the same as any art.  Whether you want just a character or whole scene, is up you. You can paint over, use the femscoot model, make your own model... just make sure to make a credit list for assets you didn't make yourself!

Feel free to ask more questions by DMing me on any social media, or sending an anon question to curiouscat: https://curiouscat.me/SKUMSUCK


  All contributors retain the rights to the art and writing they submit.  They can use their own art however they wish, without attributing me or the zine.

  This zine is considered "for-profit", and all profits from sales will be split between contributors equally after taking into account printing costs and shipping.

  By participating, they are granting me the temporary rights to reprint the art + writing for the zine during the printing period (which will last til the summer of the year 2021), and reproduce their work on my website with credit indefinitely.  After the printing period, I will no longer reprint their work.  As long as the zine remains on my website, their work will remain reproduced on my site. 


  Should an artist no longer wish for their work to be viewable on my website, they should email me at TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.COM and let me know that they want me to take their work down!  I'll do it no questions asked, and leave in blank filler in the work's place.

This is the girl Scout I'll be putting in my own zine LOL.  I'll be using her as an example for how I want stuff to be submitted!