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If you live outside of the US, it's cheaper to order stickers and other flat media from my RedBubble because of the lower shipping costs!


Stickers n' Buttons

Lil thangz you put on other thangz



From 4x6 to 11x17





Dakis n' fabric things

Pillowcases, lanyards, pencil bags, ergonomic mousepads...



One-of-a-kind art.  Don't get 'em wet!



About the store!

Shipping policies / How much and how long?!

By default, I use USPS first class mail for both domestic and international orders. Free domestic USA shipping over $40, and free shipping for international orders over $100. There are options at checkout for faster and more secure shipping. Shipping costs start at about $3-5 for domestic orders. -Domestic orders usually take 2-5 business days to arrive. -If it takes USPS longer than that to deliver, please check the tracking number and contact USPS before contacting me! Shipping costs start at about $14 for international orders. -International orders usually take 1-4 weeks to arrive. -Customers are responsible for any customs fees. -If it takes USPS longer than that to deliver, please check the tracking number and contact USPS or your local post office before contacting me! Also make sure your package isn't sitting at your post office waiting for you to pay customs. -I have noticed that orders to Mexico can take anywhere up to a year to arrive with USPS first class, or get lost in the MX post office. If you need an item urgently and securely, I encourage you to purchase the more expensive shipping options. Costs increase by weight! A heavy 2 pound book will costs more to ship than a flat print.

When do you ship out?

Please give me 1-5 days to manage your order! I usually wait for orders to accumulate, then ship out batches every Monday and Friday.

Where's my order?

If it takes USPS longer than the estimated delivery date to deliver, please check the tracking number I supply with each order and contact USPS! I sadly cannot control how fast the post office trucks drive.

Help!!!  I entered the wrong address!!!

I ship orders out to the exact address supplied by the customer. Please double-check the address you enter before you check out! If you realize you've entered the wrong address and already checked out, contact me before I send you the tracking number and ship your order out! I can change the order address for you, as long as you let me know before I get it sent out to the post office. If you realize you've entered the wrong address and the order has already been shipped out, please contact USPS before you contact me! It's quite difficult to reroute packages that are on their way. If the package has reached its destination, usually it gets sent back to me if the address is totally incorrect. Once the package gets back to me, I can either refund you the order amount (minus shipping), or you can purchase shipping again to get it to your correct address. I am not responsible for shipping fees incurred by the customer entering an incorrect address.


Just as a warning, I do live with many cats. I store my merch away in locked plastic containers, but while I'm packing SOME stray cat hairs may get in the tape. Please be wary if you have allergies to cats! I'm allergic to cats but keep them anyways...