(2020)Extra Credit!

pages: 10 for now, 24 total.

rated: 18+ explicit genital action.

Tagged with: Age gap, older bottom, drunk sex, one-sided student/teacher relationship, forbidden consensual hand holding and kisses, gentle MILF encouragement.

Ollie's majoring in Exercise Physiology at his local community college, and Basile's a divorced anthropology lecturer.  They accidentally on purpose have sex after a Halloween party, but they have class the next day.  Hilarity ensues, right?


This was a comic I started right before Halloween 2018.  I just now have the gumption to finish it!

Drawn with a pilot pen on tiny sketchbook paper.

There's an awful lot in the Teacher/Student pornographic genre, but what about Student/Teacher?!?!  You know I love reversing common tropes.  Let the student top rather than the stinky old dude, have the sex be enthusiastically initiated by the person in less power rather than coerced by the stinky old dude, focus the objectification and fetishization on the stinky old dude rather than some generic supposedly-sexy schoolgirl!  Nothing against anyone who enjoys the common straightforward tropes, I just prefer drawing stuff I don't see!

Part 2...

Coming soon.