Winter 2020

A collaborative digital zine full of various artists' illustrations and writing of femScouts! Also includes my gorl Scout retrospective, and a personally sentimental playlist.


Summer 2021


Current ongoing project.  Celebrating the history of femScouts and weird wacky girlhood!

One digital Yearbook zine for everyone to show off their girl scouts.

One print Field Guide zine parodying scouting manuals.


Summer 2020

A project aimed at bringing together artists, writers, and fans of gore art, erotic art, and war-themed hat simulators.


A physical 44 page book was DIY designed, printed, assembled, and shipped by me at home.  Contributors designed stickers, bookmarks, and prints. 


Prozac Dream (tentaspy)

A love story about a dead man. 


Based off the fan concept of TF2's tentaspy, as well as being another timeline of Ollie and Basile!  I'll work on this doujinshi after I'm done with current projects.


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