Aw sweet, some gold foil Ishtar fam stickers to match my Yugi stickers!! 

This sticker set contains 5 stickers total:
- Cute Ryou Bakura
- Big boy Bandit/Thief King Bakura
- gold millennium ring
- dark millennium ring

The millennium rings are about 2 inches tall, while the characters are about 3-4 inches tall.

All illustrations drawn by me woo!

Gold Bakura sticker set

  • Sticker printing:

    Printed on gold foil label paper with dye-based ink.  Laminated wtih clear adhesive for scratch + water resistance.  Hand-cut, may be some edge irregularities between stickers.


    Indoor use recommended, like on laptops, phones, or notebooks.  Will not stand up to outdoors weather for too long!

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