Happy lil horror stickers of slashers, this time in COLOR! 


They come in sets of 2 for $5 by default, for example if you order a Jason you'll get both designs!

Choice of:
-Jason Voorhees
-Freddy Krueger
-Michael Myers
-Leatherface / Bubba Sawyer

You can also purchase them all in a bundle!


Leave me a message in the order notes if you'd like to swap a sticker (i.e you ordered Jason but want one masked Jason and one bloody Michael -- that would be stickers "2 + 4")

Stickers are printed in our home studio on glossy label paper. Hand cut with love.  Water resistant (but not water-proof or weather-proof).  For indoor use!  About 2.5" large.

A pair of Slasher Stickers... in COLOR!