Clear acrylic charms with classic horror slashers! All are double-sided, with alt versions of the character :) SOME OF THESE DESIGNS ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!  You may have to wait 3-4 weeks for them to come back in stock.


You can buy just the stickers [HERE!]

Choice of:
- Freddy Krueger (back side is demon Freddy from Freddy vs Jason)
- Jason Voorhees (back side is unmasked Jason from FvJ)
- Leatherface (back side is the dinner outfit from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
- Michael Myers (back side is just bloody yo)
- Chucky Doll (back side is ruined Chucky from Bride of Chucky onwards)
- Ghostface killer (back side is the Scary Movie parody mask)


-Double sided clear acrylic charm
-about 2 inches 
-GOLD Keyring attachment
-Comes with matching stickers of whichever slasher(s) you choose!
-Lemme know if you want a different sticker, like if you get a Freddy but want a Jason sticker :o

-Lemme know if you buy more than one, and you want one from out of this set (like if you choose 2 and want a Jason and a Pamela from the girl set of charms)

Original illustrations drawn by me digitally!

Horror Slasher Charms / Keychains: S1! (jason/fred/chuck/mike/bubba/ghost)


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