A collection of short comics I've drawn over the last couple of years, contemplating the homoeroticism of a hair metal horror universe. All collected in a mini zine format! Prepare your loins for 24 FULLY ILLUSTRATED pages of SHOCK POP/COCK ROCK excitement!!!

♚ What horror awaits the brave hero ANGUS, singer of the fake and gay band PUSSYWHIP, as the music winds down and the stageshow begins?!?

♚ Follow our ignorant protagonist ANGUS as he recounts the events preceding and during the fateful concert!

Glossy color cover and B/W interior. One 10 page comic, 11 more pages of assorted short comics, and 3 more pages of cover+illustration JEEZ! Printed in lovely San Francisco, compliments of my homies in Chinatown.

Watch out, kids! There are curse words, talks of peepees and foofas, and a lil bitta blood in this comic!

comic: PUSSYWHIP #1