READY TO CHARGE!! Finally, you too can sleep easy on your Medic GF's pillowy bosoms of healing justice! Vanilla burly beast not enough? Feast your retinas on the bird head back side!! Now that's a lotta keys.

Double-sided pillowcase features a slightly different design on each side:
Front = RED Medic
Back = BLU Medimedes

This is a listing for just the pillowcase!! I can't fit an entire pillow into a mailbox, yknow! It'll come folded up nicely into a lil package.

-26 x 22 inches large (51 x 66 cm)
-"Peach skin" polyester material. Feels smooth and cool!
-Discreet zipper enclosure.
-Wash cold to prevent color from washing out!

Medic Dakimakura / Pillow Case


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