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Horror movies are mf dope, so here's the first edition of my HORROR ZINE!  

It's got essays and drawings I made 'bout some classic horror movies, filtered through the lens of sexuality and gender.   Cuz I'm very interested in the intersection of sex and violence.

This mini book contains 12 mini-essays (with accompanying illustrations) concerning the films:
- Nosferatu
- Night Of The Living Dead
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
- Hills Have Eyes
- Halloween
- A Nightmare on Elm Street
- Scream
- Ginger Snaps
- Hostel
- Let Me In
Including one longer 5 pages essay 'bout the movie V/H/S.
It can also come with 12 mini 4x6 prints of some of the art in the book, if you select that option :)

This here is a HANDMADE zine I wrote, illustrated, printed, and physically put together with my pardner Shane!  
All the production is inhouse, no outsourcing here except for the prints yo.
 -12x19 Inches
-32 pages overall, including the covers.
-Cover printed on matte 50lb coverstock paper
-Interiors printed on cream 60lb ledger text paper for dat silky smoov retro look
-Pages are saddlestitched together with love and pain.


All original ink illustrations are hand drawn by me.  All the essays are written by me too, so feel free to yell at me if you disagree or somethin'.  Lotsa credit goes towards Marc Leseur's Modern Horror class for inspiring me to write n' draw stuff~

DIGITAL ZINE: hellaweenie whorror horror analysis zine!


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