A double sided acrylic charm with our favorite hero All Might on it!  
Y'know sensei's got two sides to him, and in this house we love and cherish BOTH skinny Might and buff Might.  So here's a dangly charm with both, cuz I really can't decide if I like drawing skeletons or muscles more!

Disclaimer:  the muscle side IS somewhat anatomically accurate.  As in there's a wiener on it.  Please review photos!


You can either order:
-just the charm
-the charm with two big matching 3" stickers!  (The sticker does not have a weiner on it.)


Charm is 2" clear acrylic.
Comes with a silver lobster clasp for easy attachment!
Stickers are approximately 3", printed in our home studio on glossy label paper, and handcut with love.

All Might MUSCLE and Skeleton Charm


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