NunSpy and NunMedic lore

DAY 2: nun spy

A French orphan was raised in an nunnery to become a sister of the cloth. He's the Catholic church's ultimate weapon of sin and seduction - who can resist conquering her vow of chastity?

He kills for a living but still goes to church on Sundays. He teaches young orphans, like he once was, how to read in the convent. When church is over, his guns come out and along with his head-to-toe latex.

DAY 8: Nurse

Striving to surpass man, he mangled himself into a seraph. On his face, a mask made of his old flesh. On his body, a habit to cover his new flesh.

IDK, he takes care of the weak and sick and flies through the window like Mary Poppins. But also he occasionally takes away the dying and dead bodies. For science! He rejects god, he wants to be god. He wants to FUCK god.

DAY 18: lobotomized

Since he was a child, the doctor’s head was always burning in pain. He could heal others but not himself. No one else would or could diagnosis him.

He could put on his masks of a smile and grin for work, he understood how humans mingled mindlessly with each other, but he couldn’t truly feel the emotions he was expected to in a social situation. Was it simple psychopathy? Boredom with the banality of existence?

He drilled into his frontal lobe to test a hypothesis, and perhaps discover what was wrong. The seraph is fated to continuously descends and burns into nothingness, and ascends again to burn once more. Eventually its ascension will overcome the god that cursed it with its fate.

(Images of angels are symbolic. They are nonexistent yet exist. Everything means something, something means nothing, nothing means not. Yippee!)

DAY 4: self-plasticized

The last experiment.