March newsletter: Da Grind of March

What's up homies and homettes. Happy March! February's done, the heat's rising, Shane's birthday month is over. Now spring is a'comin' and I'm looking forward to spending more time in the woods outside!!! With my chickens, the cats, and drawing in the dirt... I gotta live my best Bigfoot life. And I hope you can samsquantch too.

I designed this for my discord's vday event, and Shane's been perfecting the cuts on these for DAYS. Reward his hard work n' get a sticker sheet!

PS: use coupon code "iwuvspoi69" for free shipping if ya buy this sticker sheet.

(Coupon code valid until April 16th, 2021. Your stickers will be shipped via USPS stamped mail. I still have a couple of sexy Bugz Bunny stamps I wanna use for these letters!!!)

Oh hell yeah. New sticker designs for Pyramid Head and Nurses, and Robbie da Rabbit. Perfect for Easter?!

Lots of prints and ONE OF A KIND inkwork on sale.

4x6 prints from my 2018 goretober now on my shop.

8x10, 11x14, and 11x17 prints now available. Featuring goretobers, my DETHZINE art, and my art for THE GOOD DEATH art show. Printed with my Canon printer at home, hand cut with love by Shane!

If you ever wanted a nude Skwisgaar in furs to nail to your wall, or to squint at my pencil smudges and ink marks, look no further.

EXPERIMENTAL COMMISSION TIME! A collab with Shane, who will do all the work on printing and cutting the stickers.

  • $55 for a flat colored digital page(300dpi/4x6in)!

  • +$15 for 4 physical sticker sheets mailed to you!

  • 5+ drawings guaranteed!

  • Physical sticker sheets are printed on glossy sticker paper, and cut with our Silhouette. Each sheet will be about 4x6 inches in size, with the individual stickers ranging from 1-3 inches.

  • Email me at with the subject "Sticker Sheet Commission" if you wanna nab a slot. Please let me know what character(s) you want, with reference images, and if you had certain poses or props in mind.

  • This price will be locked in til March 15th, 2021. After that, the price will rise to $75+ for a sticker sheet design.

Some of the commissions I did for the Vday special in the last newsletter. I always learn a lot about digital art doing my Valentines experiments, and I DEF learned a lot about what sorta coloring I wanna go forward with!! Have you noticed that so much of my recent art has been using the halftone coloring in the last two commissions...?! Hm... Gonna be very useful for the Gorl Scout zine.

The Indesign file for the GORL SCOUTZ RULE zine is SKELETONIZED! We have everyone's drafts set up in their neat lil spots, ready to be updated with their final versions. 40 pages total of MA'AM MILK MADNESS. Could the world POSSIBLY be ready for all deez GORLZ?! Dang I can't wait to print these out on the creamy paper...


You newsletter subscribers voted for Silent Hill for last month's poll, and here they are! I made a couple color variations of Robbie. Insta and Twitter voted BLU most ugly! Yellow was more popular on Instagram, while Pink was more popular on Twitter. Interesting... I'll get a small run of these charms made when I restock.

Every store sale and commission goes right to buying food n' essentials for my animals. Thank you!


Our Cornish game hens roam around our yard free-range. They usually go back in their pen to sleep at night, but one of them has been sleeping inside a cat shelter cuz she's been laying eggs in there.

Well, a possum got in there and fought with her over the eggs?!?! The hen is okay! She just got a nosebleed. She's spending her nights in a repurposed chick hatching shelter thingy with a locked door, so she won't get harassed no more. Poor baby. Don't worry, you'll be back to free-ranging soon.

Also, don't worry, we don't eat our chickens despite the "game" in their name. Half of them are retired egg layers who are chillin' at the old folk's home (our yard).


Jill is getting spayed in March! She'll be the first of our weenies to get fixed. Jack is next. Look at him in the bg. He doesn't even KNOW what's gonna happen to his nuts.

I like this photo of Lil' Bit's nose and wanted to show it to you all. She's so loveable... so old... so very, very old.

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