FEB newsletter: Luv Iz In Da Air

Howdy. Enjoy the February edition of my first newsletter!

Annual Valentines commission special!

Until February 14th, 2021, get a two character drawing for a flat $55.

Email TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.com with subject "Valentines Commission" to reserve a slot.

  • Two characters, clean lines with digital color, comes with a simple flat BG

  • +$25 per additional character

  • It'd usually be $75-$100 for this type of commission, but these are ~*experimental*~ quickies. I'll send a pose confirmation sketch, then go straight to the final.

  • You will receive a 2550x3300px file upon completion.

  • They can be romantic, platonic, familial, self-inserts, OCs, fanart, you and your gf, and so on.

  • Remember to read my general commission TOS!

dakis back in stock-y
new daki bookmarks

new stickers
boyz 2 men tf2 stickers

I drew a bunch of stuff for Bobaboard's Treat Yourself. Shane got me Rock Band for Christmas, so I made an accursed band AU for Ollie n' Basile. There's some mature art for that up on my Pillowfort.

I'm thinking of applying for FujoCon, so I want to finish my Extra Credit 18+ comic! Then I can print that and finally have another physical comic.

Future thoughts: lean into creature designs, it's Lunar New Year! I wanna draw hopping zombies, lions n' dragons oh my!

We got a Silhouette, so sticker sheets are a-go for the GORL SCOUT ZINE.

Everyone in the GORL SCOUT zine's been working hard! Distasty's doing astrology sticker designs using Analori's and my characters!

We had a crit night: 2.5 hours of me reviewing pieces, and roundtable discussion. The piece in the thumbnail I'm red-lining is Juni's!

Many previous zines I've been on didn't give me feedback -- I just dropped off my piece. I hope to foster communication and community for my own zines.

Every store sale and commission goes right to buying food n' essentials for my animals. Thank you!


They're molting! It's winter, so no eggs, but they deserve the rest. One of them is sneezing, so we gave 'em medication paste.


Frank has been a cuddly old man. Jill loves to sleep in the windowsill like a cat. All is good on the sausage front.

N that concludes our first newsletter-to-blog-post. Thanks for reading! There's some stuff like surveys and other links that are email exclusive. If ya wanna be on da inside.. sign up with that form on the bottom of my site!