The "Gorl Scoutz RULE! A Field Guide" print zine is edited by SCUMSUCK and Deflectric.  It's a parody scouting handbook and activity book, celebrating FemScouts and their history in the fandom, as well as reflecting on girlhood in general.  The tone is tongue-in-cheek, contrasting a bit of childishness with the world of an M rated 17+ bloody game like TF2.  Think coloring pages, crossword puzzles, spotlights on characters, cute drawings of our Scouts doin' Scout things like stealing briefcases and beating people up...!  The in-game world of TF2 is the setting, with all the silliness of capturing points and non-dairy Mad Milk.  Other characters flesh out the world, but the focus is on the GIRL SCOUT!!!


I'll also be writing a forward about what I've observed about FemScouts in the fandom, from their use as creatively fun genderbends, to the infamous SFM porn saturation, and even their use as self-inserts for girls to kiss Sniper or Spy!

  • "Gorl Scoutz RULE! A Field Guide" ZINE PHYSICAL SPECS:
    8.5X5.5", color cover (on kraft paper?), 24-40 pgs black/white interiors with some spot color.
    + 1 8x10 print of all the Scout characters together
    + some amount of stickers!

    + 1 bookmark
    + 1 embroidered patch


  • Important dates:
    October 1st 2020: application open
    October 31st 2020: application closed
    November 14th 2020: applicants emailed
    Spring 2020: WORKING!!
    June 21st 2021: zine release!


  • PRICE:
    "Gorl Scoutz RULE! A Field Guide" ZINE: $10 physical printed zine(pre-order).  $15 after pre-order period.  $5 digital PDF zine.


    drawings + comics + SFM + writing + any other type of art you can think of!  Poetry?  Collage? Photography??!  Crafts?!  SURE THING!  It will be reproduced in limited color (Black, gray, red, blue) for the print zine, so think about how you'll create with that limitation!




    A copy of the physical + Digital zine, all merch, and split profit! Whether we sell one copy or 50 copies, we're splitting it!  My last TF2 zine managed to split $60 between each artists, so I'm hoping for $20-$50 for each person on this smaller project.  I'll be personally drawing an illustration of all our Scouts interacting together on a poster print!  

    IMPORTANT:  All contributors will receive a physical copy of the zine IF USPS ships to their country.  Also, double-check with your country's package restrictions.  I had some issues shipping the TF2 GORE ZINE and other NSFW content to certain countries before.


    Updates on this project will be posted in the zine discord, then emailed to contributors, then on my twitter and tumblr.

This will be a traditional DIY'D homebrewed zine.  Physical zine will be printed in my home studio and binded like a yaoi necronomicon.



  All contributors retain the rights to the art and writing they submit.  They can use their own art however they wish, without attributing me or the zine.

  All profits from pre-order sales will be split between contributors, after taking into account printing costs and shipping.

  By participating, they are granting me the temporary rights to reprint the art + writing for the zine during the printing period (which will last til the summer of the year 2021), and reproduce their work on my website with credit to the artist for an indefinite period of time.  After the printing period, I will no longer reprint their work.  As long as the zine remains on my website, their work will remain reproduced on my site. 


  Should an artist no longer wish for their work to be viewable on my website, they should email me at TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.COM and let me know that they want me to take their work down!  I'll do it no questions asked, and leave in blank filler in the work's place.



  • You may post cropped, truncated WIPS of your work on social media if you wish!  Please use the project hashtag (#tf2gorlscoutzine), post a link in this discord, or @ skumsuck on social media so I can keep track of em and reblog/retweet em!

  • Please refrain from posting your full piece in public until the complete zine is compiled and ready for sale!  You may share your piece privately among friends if you wish.

  • I will be holding pre-sales for physical copies of the zine, and bundles with merch.  After the pre-sale is over and all copies have shipped out and been received, I will put the digital zine up for free on my website.

  • All profits from the sale of the zine will first go towards shipping costs for when I send copies of the zine + merch to contributors!  Then we'll split all profits among us.

  • If a contributor would like more than one copy of the zine for personal use, please let me know!

  • If someone who designed merch would like me to produce more stickers/prints/etc of their merch design to send to them, please let me know!  I will charge you the cost of printing, and you can do whatever you want (give away, sell) with your merch.

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