Prices are for private commissions, for personal use. 

NOT for commercial use, sale, or reproduction.

By commissioning me you accept my [Terms Of Service], so read that!

Email me at for a quote.  I’ll be happy to answer any n’ all questions!  You can also contact me via twitter, or instagram if you so wish. 

All images on this page are commissions for previous customers!  I can send the physical B/W ink sketch to you in the mail for any of the traditional art options if you pay for shipping (which is around $5 in the US, and around $15+ internationally)

Nudity and NSFW okay!  Kink-friendly, feel free to ask.  If I do not feel like I could comfortably draw that subject, I will let you know and possibly refer you to another artist.


$50 base price

  • Traditional ink on 9x12 bristol.

  • +$30 for additional characters.

  • Close-up busts and headshots will cost less.

  • Extreme detail (tattoos, armor, mech) will incur a fee on top of the original price.

  • Plain white or black BG.  May include spot color.


$100 base price

  • Traditional ink on 9x12 bristol, plus flat-ish digital color.

  • +$30-50 for additional characters.

  • Close-up busts, headshots, or very simple monochrome color will cost less.

  • Extreme detail will cost extra.

  • Simple BG included (gradient, flat color, simple shapes, or silhouettes)


9x12: $80 base price

11x14: $100 base price

  • Traditional pen & ink on 9x12/11x14 bristol

  • Price goes up with detail (i.e gore, plants, flowers, background elements).


ask for quote

  • Watercolor, pen, and/or paint on bristol

  • These are complex commissions are heavily depend on what you want me to draw.

  • They'll be anywhere from $60-250+ depending on detail and size.

  • I work in 6x9, 9x12, and 11x14 inches large. 

  • If you need a specific size, feel free to ask and I'll see if I need to order anything.


I don't specialize in these, but they're an option if you don't mind me experimenting.