Process for B/W drawings: 

  1. Email me at with what type of commission you'd like, and what idea you'd like me to draw!

  2. I'll message you back confirming the price and concept.

  3. Once confirmed, I'll invoice your email via Square.

  4. Once the invoice is paid, I'll start drawing!

  5. WIP sketch will be sent first so you can confirm the pose with me.  Please give me any and all feedback during this stage!  No massive revisions to the drawing after this stage!

  6. After revisions/feedback, I'll start inking!  

  7. Once I'm done with inking, I'll send you another photo to confirm with you.  No revisions during/after this phase!  Only small additions or color corrections!

  8. When you've confirmed the inked drawing, I'll send you a 300dpi jpg scan + ship the drawing to you in your mail if you chose that option!

  9. DONE!!

If you choose a color option, there'll be some additional steps after ink confirmation for color confirmation.  Small revisions to digital color are okay (like warmer/cooler tone, different eye colors, stuff like that).  Revisions to traditional color (i.e marker, ink, or paint) can only be additive because, y'know, you can't ctrl+z ink irl.