tempural, SCUMSUCK, or dead. 


I'm a Chinese-American cartoonist. I was raised in San Francisco's Chinatown.  Now I live in North Carolina. 


I like storytelling.  I draw comics, animations, storyboards, character designs, and illustrations.  I write a bit of media over-analysis and fiction as well.


My pretentious comics focus on the subjects of sex, death, love, loss, lower class struggles, and peepees.  I'm influenced by heavy metal music and album art from the 80's-90's, as well as horror films and dank yaoiz.


for others:

  • (2013) monster mash anthology

  • (2013) finger root anthology

  • (2013) whale fall book illustrations

  • (2014) marine mammal center fx animation

  • (2014) vertebrae anthology

  • (2015) tickler comic

  • (2016) girls who eat zine

  • (2016) girl gang art show at hexmoda

  • (2017) san gabriel valley comic

  • (2018) the good death art show at sketchpad gallery

  • (2018) ERASED: Asian Americans In Hollywood art show

  • (2018) dethklok dethzine

  • (2019) yugioh tarot card zine

projects i've run:

  • (2013) kings of the sunset strip comic

  • (2014) sausage sodomy comic

  • (2017) whorror zine

  • (2020) tf2 gore zine

  • (2020) gorl scout yearbook zine

  • (2021) gorl scoutz rule: a field guide zine


If you'd like to work with me or collaborate, email me at TEMPURAL@SCUMSUCK.COM

Find me on social media:


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Q: How many cats and dogs do you have?!


  1. Doug/Annie May Oakley is a granny chihuahua.

  2. Jill is a girl weenie.

  3. Jack is a boy weenie.

  4. Lil Bit is a granny weenie.

  5. Frank is a loathsome weenie.

  6. Keekles/Miss Kay is a granny dusty calico cat.

  7. Cheddar Bacon Cheeseburger is an orange and white boy cat.

  8. Peanut is a orange and white boy kitten who we found after he got hit by a car.

  9. Mogwai/Gizmo/Babby is a sweet baby tortie who was dumped.

  10. We also have around 10 stray cats outside at any time that we feed and keep watered. 

Q: What program/brushes do you use?!

A: Clip Studio Paint, primarily the default G-Pen for lineart.  Here are some custom brush recs.

Q: Will you draw __?
A: If you pay me I will probably draw it.  Please have a look at my commission page for general prices for non-commercial art.  Sometimes I open up art trades.  Otherwise, thanks for putting something in the suggestion box, I will draw things at my own leisure.

Q: Who is Shane???

A: He's my wife and a pretty cool guy and a real Chinese chief.  He's also one of my cats.

Q: What are your pronouns?!

A: Any pronouns are fine if you know me and are respectful.  If you don't know me, I'd prefer that you just refer to me by the name you know me by.

Q: Is your [x character] a BOY or GORL?

A: All my characters are fluid in gender and sexuality.

Q: What are your inspirations?!

A: Life experience.

Comics and cartoons from when I was a kid.  My favorite cartoon is Ed, Edd n' Eddy.  I liked superhero comics as a kid, and I straight up tried to copy the 2000's flash animation style back then.

Horror films and sad mindfucky movies.  1974's Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the most visually pleasing movies of all time.  I love the moods of The Wrestler, The Machinist, and Jacob's Ladder.


DANK YAOI.  My first doujinshi was a FF7 monsterfucking comic, and a Detroit Metal City doujin called "Shitsurei Shimasu" by Onsoku Skull is one of my absolute favorite doujins.  My favorite yaoi is Breaking Bad, the homosocial relationship between Jesse and Mr. White is straight out of an angsty manga.


Most of all, music!  Especially dad rock and heavy metal.  Anything from hair metal to black metal is good.  Van Halen, Queen, and Steel Panther mean a lot to me.  Alice Cooper, Mayhem, KISS, and Strapping Young Lad are great.  Outside of metal, 80's stuff like The Cure and Prince is cool.  I'm nostalgic for 90's-2000's pop like Lil Jon and Justin Bieber.

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