Revisiting old characters, and tying in some of the new ones!  A lot's changed since I started making worlds and characters in high school, but I'm still interested in a lot of the same concepts of death, marketing, and rawk n roll.

Drawings are uploaded in chronological order.  I drew 36 drawings in total, which is more than there are days in the month of October... but I had a lot of last minute memories.  Hell, I can still think of a couple of characters I can revisit and redesign~

They all coexist, though the specific stories I have may take place in different eras of the same timeline.  Pussywhip and THE PENETRATORS are mainly 80's, Angelraper is late 80's and the rest of the 90's, and Prophet and Priest are very 90's and early 2000's.  

The characters also overlap in stories, though their main stories take place within their 'band dynamic'.  Angus knows Tommy from high school.  Vicky hates Jizzy, and Johnny for replacing him as the tall gf guitarist.  Alexi has a fascination with Vicky from seeing him on TV.  And Priest works at the same place as Vicky for their day jobs.  There are more connections, but I think they're better shown than typed up where I'll forget again.

Context: my main universe of characters (before my Ollie and Basile fixation) was this group of 80's bands.  THE PENETRATORS, Pussywhip, and Angelraper - supposed to be distillations of pop rock (hair metal, shock rock) and thrash metal genres.  And each individual character in the bands were characterizations (some call them GIJINKAS) of more specific subgenres.  For example, Angus in his western gear is some sorta parody of the Bon Jovi fashion of cowboy outfits, even though they're from New Jersey, except ANGUS IS ACTUALLY TEXAN!!! Stuff like that.  

I was a high schooler when I started creating the cast of characters... wow.  I was def very influenced by Metalocalypse, Steel P/nther, and staring at the "classic rock fandom" of ye olde tumblr days.  There's quite a bit I'd alter about the characters now, cuz I have a better grasp on my own ideas and tastes.

Read more for some character deets and dynamics that I repetitively write out everytime I re-re--er-e-e-er-er-er-re introduce these characters.  Content warning for like... everything?  You should know what I draw and write about lol.  Age difference, rape, murder, suicide, psuedo-incest, etcetera.


First up, the members of Pussywhip.  I just now realized they're all themed after types of deaths LMAO.


  • DAY 1: Angus! VOCALS

    Texan rhythm guitarist and vox for PUSSYWHIP.  He died by getting his head knocked off in a high school football accident.  He got better!  Still not that good at thinking.  

    speaking:D|ve Foley https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZYWYh0chd0U…
    Zigglypuff: https://youtube.com/watch?v=dgMLHdBfsqU…
    singing: J|ni Lanehttps://youtube.com/watch?v=0RHENr6Xe70…

    Higher register, a lil goofy.  He plays the geetar and sing at the same time.  He’d rather just sing, but boss makes him multitask.

    He was kind of my ~mascot~, much like my Scout is to me right now, because he was originally a Scout!  The nose especially remains quite similar, and their Spongebob-like characteristics leach into each other.  Angus's personality found it's way into Ollie's blissful bawdy ignorance (that masks their depression lol)

  • DAY 2 & 3: Vicky! LEAD GUITAR

    Lead guitar and backup vox for PUSSYWHIP, he also does all the stage stunts.  Like decapitating Angus every show, as well as sewing him back together.  Vicky died via suicide, but he was forced back to the curse of existence cuz all the hatred in his heart couldn't lay his body to rest.  Vicky leeches off Angus's blood.  When starved of blood he starts rotting and falls into extended paralysis.

    Vicky micromanages EVERYTHING cuz he's a control freak.  Record exec, producer, songwriter, surgeon, slut... He never sleeps.  He's sustained by being an emotional vampire asshole to Angus.  Angus is fine with being bossed around, cuz that's his best friend!

    Vicky started as 40 yrs old cuz when I was a teenager that was ancient.  But now I want him to be like 50 cuz as I get older.. y'know.  Angus remains early 20's.  Also now I'm thinking Vicky wears a mask onstage for non-fetish reasons, so he can separate work from.. stage work!

    speaking: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zX16N3UUDBg&feature=youtu.be&t=40s
    singing: https://youtu.be/TsoLb-E7oy8?t=25…

    Shane thought he'd have a gmilf-y Frieza voice, and I'm still not opposed.  Maybe for his English dub.  Y'know how Pl4nkton has a cute JP dub but a deep ENG voice?

    My favored sexyman, much like my Spy is for me right now.  Lots of similarities.. cuz Vicky was literally a TF2 SPY!  But Russian/Japanese.  He's the cold-hearted nastiness of Basile, right down to annoying Angus visiting Vicky's office = annoying Scout visiting Spy's Smoking Room (or bedroom haha).  Vicky is a quite a immoral character compared to Basile, cuz Vicky's some sort of Mr. Burns hyper-capitalist.  You can see shades of Vicky in the moments when Basile legit thinks about killing Scout to soothe his conscience.


    Eddie and his wife Dahlia were set to be married sometime in the 1950's, but they were both murdered the night before.  Sanch's body was dumped and nicely mummified in the dry Los Angeles heat.  He can't find his wife's body though!!  SadDad420.

    He's named after this song, "Eddie My Love".https://youtube.com/watch?v=I6xMcRJ7CFU…

    He's kinda obviously my expy of Raul the ghoul from NV, down to the voice claim of Danny Tr|jo lmao.  And now... I have no idea where the sharp nose and cigarettes and saddad420 character funneled into :^)  

    Other than the obvious physical traits, I think Sanch's character morphed into the conscience and emotional heart of Senspai.  Guilty, overwhelmed, depressed, languid, sludgey metal...even (gasp) that lil bit of CARING that Senspai has in his heart.  Also has a little dude smothering him with affection..  

    In Sanch's case of Skeets, it's definitely intentionally very dad-zoned.  I'd call my character dynamic of Sanch and Skeets more incestuous (though they're not related) than my Scout and Spy (WHO ARE NOT RELATED!!!!).  Skeets gives unwanted affection to Sanch, who's already got a wife and sees Skeets as a child lol.  It's very similar to my Liv and Basile dynamic.  Liv and Skeet give off clueless vibes (but who knows how clueless they actually are, versus manipulating perceptions of them as young and stupid?).  And Sanch/Basile gotta fend it off, cuz they don't want this sort of relationship cuz I have a personal taste for non-creepy-old-men.  

    I didn't really realize it til like this year, but Skeets and Sanch is probably the main core of the one-sided relationships I enjoy writing and drawing right now :^) I had good taste even in high school.  But TOO GOOD TASTE - I enjoy the age difference dynamic a LOT, but I don't like the older one to be a predator or even reciprocate affections.  No touchy!!  Unless the gorl scout forces her hand...


    He's the one non-american in tha band, hailing from exotic CANADA.  He's also the only white person in the band lol.  French-Canadian.  Whoever murdered him in the 1960's gouged his eyes and chopped some fingers off, and his cold case (and corpse) was filed away as unimportant.  But he's tryna stay positive!  He's the guy in the band that raises issues with how everybody's being treated and how WE'RE BEING TORN APART from internal conflict, but no one listens to him.  He also cares about gay shit like social issues... but no one listens to him.

    Skeets has the Sad and Angry Sims 2 Backstory, but with less angry cuz his brain finds ways to avoid that uncomfortable emotion.  He's ditzy to cope?! lmao.  He was a rich kid that wasn't satisfied with home life.  He made his way down from Canada to the US as a teenager, hitching rides and crashing at hippie places.  But a lot of men during that era used the "free love" mantra to force sex (in particular fixating on using his stoma), in exchange for providing transportation, food, housing.  By the time he got down to California, maybe even San Francisco with flowers in his hair, he was emaciated, weak, and deathly ill.  If he hadn't gotten murdered, he would have just died laying in the grass of a public park.

    VOICE CLAIM: Seb Bach's weed interview lmao.

    There is no chaser for the murder plot.  No one knows who killed him, and no one ever will.  These things happen, and nothing is solved, and no one will care.  The incompetency of systems is some kinda theme with Sanch and Skeets's stories.  Shane and I figured that they'd probably bond over their cold cases.

    Skeets has a very friendly relationship to Sanch.  Sanch drives him around on his motorcycle, helps Skeets pick out clothes he wants to buy (is it a floral or paisley pattern, dear?) .  In a nicer universe they'd just be roommates in their lil tincan trailer filled with potted ceiling plants and a lil garden outside.  But you know me!!!  Gotta have those uncomfortable one-sided attractions from the lil guys to the old guys that make everything awkward and anxiety inducing.  Shane REALLY wants Skeets and Sanch to ~end up together~, but I think after all the Senspai stuff, my heart can't do it...

    Skeets is ostensibly childish because of his small malnourished frame and ditzy personality, but from a different perspective he's kinda like a doddering grandma.  He just enjoys watering his plants and singing songs to them!!!! LET HIM BE!!! DON'T BABY-ZONE HIM! unless I'm doing it for conflict points :)


A whole week of girl characters...!  I had more than I thought.  But I needed reminding of their names from Shane cuz I had a bad habit of sidelining them....booo all male casts.


  • Dahlia
    Her murder was filed away as a cold case, and her body remains unfound. She can't leave her body to search for Eddie's corpse, cuz she's tethered to the dirt she was buried in.

    I'm posting this out of order so ppl can see that she's connected to Eddie in my last post 😀 there's a lot of half-ideas I had about her, like only being able to manifest during a blood moon, or Eddie having bad dreams THAT MIGHT BE CRIES OF HELP from her. But I still have to leave those in my brain oven to bake longer 😃

  • Ethyl
     Ethyl ethyl lemme squeeze you in my arms...! She's a college student who was kidnapped, murdered, and chopped to fit in a fridge. She got most of herself out, and she's doing better now! Still going to school studying law, and stripping on weekends to pay for it.

    The 2nd slide is how i drew her in high school lol... 3rd slide is the Alice Cooper song I based her offa. Cold Ethyl obviously! Another necrophiliac anthem. Can you believe I've had these characters in my head for so long LOL.

  • Cherry
    Cherry cherry lady 🍒

    she's some sort of generic business lady who works for a record company during the day, and during the night she's a lifeguard for fun. The people who know too much about me will remember her from the animatic where she saves Angus from drowning (angus cant swim :(). She is of course, named after the infamous Warrant song.

  • Courtney
    The leader of C.U.N.T.!

    Her day job is a record producer (same place as Cherry), and at night she does the shock rock pp stepping and meat tossing schtick. A very busy lady!

    3rd slide is her first drawing when i drew her for an assignment LMAO. Don't @ me if you remember those days. 🥴 C.U.N.T. stands for something clever i haven't come up with yet. How can I best We Are Sexual Perverts? Or Knights In Satan's Service!?

  • Lizzy
    Vicky's 12 year old daughter.

    I think the closest equivalent to her right now is my gorl Spy...Vicky is a very negligent and deadbeat dad who's too emotionally constipated to show """care""" beyond just buying her things without saying anything. I'm kinda considering putting Lizzy in another home (foster? mom?) to exaggerate the gap between them. Plus if Vicky's dead, she def woulda been put somewhere else during the time he was stuck in the hospital morgue. And Vicky's doing too much work shit to even take care of his kid!!!

    Lizzy's def changed A LOT.

    She was more monster-y back then cuz of whatever art groups I was around at that time. But now I'm more interested in more mundane character designs that would make more sense for a child, rather than something that might be a visually cool design but makes no sense for the characters. I suppose I was going for a ~goth family~ vibe back then. But Lizzy's just a (depressed, neglected) kid! She wouldn't know how to dress herself in a contrived manner, or dye her hair, and Vicky wouldn't do that for her either.

    She's a 30 year old woman who gets mistaken for a child.  She collects penises from dudes who try to make moves on her.

    I had a whole thing about sisters and their brood-mother who they bring the chopped off peenies to.  There was no end goal or grand story with it, I just thought it was funny and I had fun designing different girls AND MOMMY.  This sort of character is a very straightforward rape-revenge fantasy that doesn't have much more depth beyond the HILARIOUS punchline.  I do think she's a little bit of a blueprint for Liv!  Joyous gorls who get mistaken for being younger than they are...


This version is a fantasy constructed by Ollie.  He's only known Mr. S as he is currently, middle-aged.  So he dreams up scenarios where he could have been friends with a younger Basile.

This is a sort of continuation of the leather jacket idea.  And of course some sort of metatextual commentary on myself LMAO.  I can only fathom consensual missionary handholding for Ollie and Basile in an in-universe fantasy scenario...  The logical conclusion of my reversal-obsession is the reversal of a reversal... bottom Spy in various stages of despair has become the norm, now I've circled back to fetishizing consensual missionary handholding.

I keep thinking of that fic I like with topSpy/bottomScout, and I like it very much because Spy's just nice.  He has no ulterior motive, he doesn't chase down Scout for bung. Scout goes to him, and Spy genuinely comforts him.  That's nice!!!!  It's very rare to have a kind top Spy, i don't know why...   A little top Spy is okay as a treat, AS LONG AS HE DOESN'T HURT SCOUT!!! ESPECIALLY EMOTIONALLY!!!!!!!!!!  

And that's why we call it Ollie's fantasy, right?  Unattainable, time and circumstances did not line up for either of them, born too late and such, it's all flights of fancy.  yes.....

Proph & Priest, Angelraper, and THE PENETRATORS for oc-october.  long thang under the cut:


  • day 14: priest. 

    Francis works at the record company Vicky owns (Eden), as a clerk. He goes clubbing on the weekends by Priest, which is his vampire cleric DnD character that he's basically larping).

    In my universe everyone's too stupid to notice alter egos (and the fact that half of everyone is dead). Priest is one of the rare alive ones... but he cosplays his undead vampire character. Death weeb.

  • day 15: prophet

    Prophet was in a glam band in the 70's - 80's, until he got caught in a hairspray explosion accident. His disposition went completely down and he lost his band and pretty much every human connection cuz they didn't want to deal with his mental health. He still writes songs but they're dour. This is of course just a gijinka for how 80's big hair rock died to the seattle grunge era

    Priest finds him in a dumpster. Priest was Prophet's BIGGEST FAN when he was a wee lad, and now he has the stankass frontman soaking in his tub. Epic yaoi ensues.

    Also there's an AU where Prophet's an aging pro wrestler and Priest is a new manager hired to promo him. Epic yaoi ensues

    Pp destruction warning: im deciding whether he has a simply Burnt peepee or if his peepee got completely exploded off. You know I had to do it to him.

    Also he's cajun. His off-stage name is Remy. All my characters have pp destruction and stage names. ALSO. he's based on a queen song. the prophets song. Ahhahahah

  • Day 16: Tommy.

    Works as a butcher at his mom's meat shop.

    All day at work he's dreaming song lyrics so he can work on em at night or weekends with his band. The band's called Angelraper cuz I was like 15 when I made this character. It was supposed to be a pun on Tom Angelripper and how awful and edgy band names can get. I'm sure it'll get misinterpreted as somethign else..

    He's a weeb from the 90's. No fucken naruto yet!!! Its all Demon City Shinjuku and Sailor Moon baybeeee. He really likes magical girl manga cuz he wants to be the girl.

    Also. He is albino and dyes his hair black.
    Also. He is blasian.
    Outside of "singing" he has a lisp cuz he has braces. Listen to Sodom!! That's his voice claim.

  • day 17: Ricky

    He's the drummer for Tommy's band, and the only one in the band who's not an absolute kissless virgin slob. He plays the Double D role in being worried and anxious about his homies. He cleans up very well if he brushes his hair and shaves a bit, which is where the Pretty Ricky moniker comes from. He fucked a microwaved taco once (it burned).

    He is a pinoy boi and vaguely catholic, but in the end it doesn't matter cuz he's playing in his buddy's band with songs about dead alien autopsy fisting. Ricky also is occasionally cursed by the swamp witch cuz they parked their tin can trailer on her property, so he sometimes turns into a tiny fluffy dog during full moons.

    Yes, I am doing 5 commissions at the same time as drawing a original character every day. How are you doin?

  • DAY 18: Alexi

    Alexi is the geetarist for Tommy + Ricky's band. he immigrated from sveden when he was a kid, cuz his twin brother drowned and DIED in a pond by the church. His family wanted to escape the whole thang. He's the resident necrophiliac, and has taken a peculiar interest in the undead members of the world like Vicky and such.

    He's mostly mute, always chilly even in the Florida heat, and works at his dad's mortuary.

  • day 19: Beth is one of Alexi's sleep paralysis demons. Beth used to be one of Alexi's imaginary friends when he was a kid, but after his brother died, Alexi didn't feel like playing with friends no more. So Beth has returned now that Alexi's full grown and completely mentally fucked, and looks a lil funkier. He wants to be a youtuber, and likes taking photos and videos.

    He's always slick n' wet, and appears in grayscale, no color. With the advent of the internet, Beth has taken on some viral properties. Traveling online like the fairly odd parents episode!

  • Day 20: Jizzy

    First character for this universe! The whole thing started cuz I made a band in Rock Band (for the wii ) called THE PENETRATORS. And Jizzy became the frontman. High school dayzzzz... he's based on the song "Dr. FEELGOOD", originally he wore a cartoon doctor's outfit with labcoat.

    Jizzy is from some podunk white trash midwest background with an abusive/neglectful mom and overbearing church n all that. He ran away to Los Angeles, as one does, and he naturally fit right in. He plays the clown on stage, but he's quite shrewd and finanically oriented. He's prolly the least developed of any of my characters, made just to be the "mascot" of THE PENETRATORs. But that's all he gotta do...

  • Day 21: Johnny

    Johnny was childhood friends with Jizzy, and ran away with him to Los Angeles. He's a depressed alcoholic who disassociates from the state of being a conscious human being, who yet again plays the clown onstage. He has a looooong backstory of being a parasite baby. Cuz of the KISS song, Parasite. Cuz he's just my Ace Frehley expy. No RPF only ocs ;)

    long story short, an alien tentacle facehugger thing crashed onto earth and parasitically infected a young girl who investigated the crash. The melding of the multiple consciousness (and rearrangement of the body) is Johnny.

    Nobody in universe gives a shit about anything, especially not about the walking corpses or tentacles coming out of Johnny's head. Johnny doesn't know he's a alien parasite. He just knows it's hard to find pants that fit, and he's gotta buy size 18 shoes.

  • Day 22: Jack! Drummer for tha penetrators.

    Born in New Yawk, moved to LA. He's the oldest current member of the band at his mid 30's during the 80's (benny and jet are the youngest at late teens), and was there before Jizzy and Johnny joined. He's the only one who has his own place (with 10 cats!) at the beginning, so everybody else crashes his closet for a yaoi fuckroom while he chills by his fireplace.

    He turns into a weregay during the fool moon. I was fascinated that in the Thriller music video, the creature is specifically a wereCAT rather than the standard werewolf. Also a fascination with that flamboyand trifecta of Lil' Richard, Prince, and Paul Stanley... 80's era KISS is def a big fashion thang (those Paul Stanley moonboots!)

  • Day 23: Benny and Jet! Also known as Donut and Jet, and the twins.

    Born in San Francisco, moved to SoCal, attending UCLA at the same time that they're doing guitar for THE PENETRATORS. They don't want to go to school, but their parents want em to. So they do the bare minimum to be enrolled in some program they don't care about, and don't tell mum n dad about the whole band thing. They're just busy with a part time job! Don't mind the hippie hair ma...

    They split their days between half-assedly attending classes, doing gay band stuff, and blowing all their money at their fav strip club with their fav gorl Ethyl. They get drunk and cry to her. They're not old enough to drink. One of the twins is gayer than the other but I won't tell you which one.

    Their entire existence is predicating on wondering who the hell could actually play that quadruple necked guitar that Michael Angelo Batio jacks off on.. the answer, is two people with two hands each. They're prolly closest in personality to Ollie... proto-Ollie. Since they're all Scouts at the root.... hmm

  • day 11: you know her, you BETTER LOVE HER!! LIV!!

    She's my pride n' joy, my babby gorilla... While Basile is probably my "favorite" she's like. my FAV. She's anywhere between the ages of 8-39 and no one will ever know and that scares people. They should be scared! She's a little bit of a creep. And she really really wants a gorlfriend... Mr.S will make a fine friend :)

  • day 24: Ollie!

    aka scout aka BOY SCOUT aka chili P. I already had an idea for a Scout loadout before I got back into TF2 in 2018, and I aimed to trade up for the cosmetics... and I had that ask blog... and spongebob.. and everything developed into HIM.

    It's very hard to refer to him by name, I love the depersonalization of the TF2 names like Scout and Heavy Weapons guy -- they're not actual people, just bodies that die! But the name is necessary as I continue to expy them so I can write my 50-shades-esque fic-turned-amazon-romance-novel. Every Scout I personally draw or write is Ollie even if not referred to by name , regardless of universe (whether it's in-game 2fort shit, tentaspy au, senspai au, etc). He's my favorite current character (besides Basile) to stick into random situations.

    Compared to the "canon" in-game Scout, he's stupider, shorter, hornier, skinnier, has a fatter ass, and has way more mental issues. And an alcoholic negligent mom! I think his defining issue is mommy issues (no d*ddy issues!!!) and oedipal shit. His ma never took care of him, but he loves her so much, he wants a hot goth gf (or bf) JUST LIKE HER that'll actually take care of him!

  • day 25: BASILE! aka MISTAH S, Scylla, or whatever fake name he's going by at the time.

    He's a beaten down, depressed, disabled 58 year old high school french teacher with a sordid yaoi past. In certain universes, he pays the bills by acting in pornographic movies at night. That teacher's salary don't cover NOTHING. And in other universes that overlap with OTHER, OTHER universes, he got his genitals chopped and screwed when he was a young man in his 20's, and was forced to act in snuffy pornography that still exists in corners of the internet to this day. The internet never forgets...

    Basile is yet another expy for my fanfic-turned-amazon-romance-novel. My personal favorite storytelling enviorment is GLUM, GLOOMY, and painfully mundane. He plays the spy only for pornography, in his Latex Spy persona. All his days of exciting gunslinging missions were in his past as a drug enforcer. There is no glamour, no $10,000 suits, no fancy weapons or wistful hordes of horny women vying for his affection. Only middle-aged manpain and an annoying young boy trying to get in his ass.

    I think Basile, being my most recent "character", is an ultimate culmination of all my tastes in characters and storytelling. Nullified genitals, an old broken old man, grumpy squidward being chased by spongebob, dual identities, genderfluidity... very nice. He's absolutely my favorite character to draw right now, and he's just so FUN to torture! I always recommend you have a character you torment for catharsis and happy points!

  • day 27: Ollie + Liv and Basile. They're both devils on his shoulder. Constant torture.. this was supposed to be halloween costumes for em. Good thing I post my drawings like 5 days after I draw em cuz I'm completely addled!

This set of characters may include the ones I drew less often, or maybe even only once!  Read more for more rambling.  Very rambly cuz I'm thinking about TIMES PAST.


  • DAY 30: Bobert and CHAD. They both go to SFSU. Bobert is a creative writing major who works at Urban Outfitter at day, and writes erotic fiction at night. Chad is computer science and extremely heterosexual. Bobert's outfit and hair was inspired by somebody I saw on the BART when I was a high schooler.

  • DAY 32 (yes I'm going until I've exhausted my memory!!) : Rags is of course, based on the KISS song "Hard Luck Woman".

    There was an "episode" I had in my head about THE PENETRATORS on a small tour, they get stuck in the north east united states, and Johnny is haunted by a selkie. She doesn't exist, of course. She's drowned 100 years ago.

    I made her in Sims 2 before i drew the first drawin' of her LOL. Now if i clhld extract my old sims filez... She's facially referenced off the heroine of the 2nd ANOES movie.

  • DAY 33: PENNY!

    I had a thing where I was trying to fill out the world with characters named after songs. So, Penny Lane! Plus some older drawings of her initial design.

    She's simply a waitress with design elements I wanted to use, nothing more. No sad yaoi backstory! Just something I was thinking of while looking at the cover of Warrant's Cherry Pie album. So that's a TWO-fold musical reference... wow. Family guy WATCH OUT.

    I've settled on drawing actual skeletal structures under my cartoon bodies, so she no longer has TOO egregarious of a wasp waist. The waist is important too though! Cuz I was intentionally being like 'BAH people who complain about cartoon girls with small waists are total doofuses!". I wanted to see how far I could push that. I'll settle for a ridiculously thin boob-waist ratio, rather than 0-waist. She also has shorts and no-heels now, cuz I think shorts go cuter with the roller skates! Yay! Re-designs!

  • DAY 34: witch-hunter and witch, plus the first drawings of em. EVER!!

    The Witch-Hunter is an ~ALTERNATE TIMELINE~ of Bobert, in a past era when he was a flesh golem. The Witch is the gorl who put him back together after he got BLOWN UP. He was originally programmed to.. yknow... hunt witches. But she re-programmed her to be her body guard.

    The Witch had a backstory with dead parents, living in a graveyard, and every orifice in her body secreting blood (tears, sweat, etc). Her blood is what she uses in necromantic rituals. She's very good at sculpting!

    I do this whole 'redraw your oc' thing a lot, huh... but I guess it's just called 'drawing your oc' with your naturally evolving art style. cool

  • DAY 35: SAUCY

    A character I left back in high school! Hasn't been seen since. Why? Cuz she's obviously just a genderbend of Dave Mustink. I thought it'd be funny to make a girl just as insanely megalomaniacal and moody as him that looked exactly the same!! I thought it was funny that people would genderbend dude anime characters into girls to give them big boobies, I always wondered the appeal of that... this girl doesn't have boobies though.

    She was the original NEMESIS of Jizzy and his Penetrators. If you know the Dave story, you know how it rolls. Kicked out the band, swears vengeance, ends up crying on camera 20 years later. Despite her own modicum of success, she still stares out the window wistfully and thinks bad/homoerotic thoughts about Jizzabel in an attempt to inflict psychic damage.

    fun fact: I also made her my Maplestory character a little after the beta. Bera pryde.

    Today is the next to last today... tomorrow I will have THE LAST DEEP DISH PIZZZA.

  • DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY 36: Velvet and Plush.

    Ah.. the most hidden of my dank yaois. They were in a 80's cock rock band, Velvet as the guitarist and Plush as the singer. The rest of the band isn't important, it's always the guitarist and singer who steal the spotlight. There were always rumors about them, but they're just rumors, gossip! Are they gay? Is Velvet a man or woman? You'll never get a straight answer, and you're not entitled to strangers' personal deets...

    The band's broken up, and the members dispersed into obscurity as the industrial grunge of the 90's replaced the previous decade's big hair and glitter eyeshadow. Whispers persist about this D-list band, and they say that Plush and Velvet live in a trailer together, growing funny flowers in their little windowsil.

    So many of my characters are obvious allusions to certain bands, musicians, musical events... let's just say that if you're not in the know, Vineyard Vincent is a large influence on this particular story. I've never talked about these characters before, but they're a nice encapsulation of what I find fascinating about the 70's-80's glam rock era. Sexual ambiguity, genderfuckery, dudes wearing make-up and heels and studded leather, and fans insisting that this is 100000% hetero. Or hell, haters insisting that this is 10000% gay and therefore UNCOOL. And of course, the death of glam once it got too big for its britches and bubblegum pop metal became tiresome. Lots to unpack here! Lots to love.

    With OC-october done (in november!) I'll probably vamp up a place on my site for all the lil boomer rock stories I have. And now I have a cohesive, updated set of drawings of each of em so... good for thumbnails n such. Might go the extra step and color em so i have color ref...

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