Jan 29, 2019

Valentines Special Commissions!

>>This is a listing for digital art!  There is no physical product.  I will deliver a hi-resolution JPG or PNG upon completion of the piece via Google Drive!  This art is for private use, NOT for resale or commercial use!  Please contact me if you'd like to use my art for commercial purposes!

>>Current Turnaround: 1-3 days each drawing, could be faster if our communications go well!

Valentines Day is coming up soon, and what better way to celebrate than to get a drawing done of two loved ones?!  Or maybe just platonic friend stuff, cuz y'know romantic love isn't the only valid relationship!

So, this Valentines day I'd like to improve on my digital art by drawing lots of character interaction and quick cartoony stuff!  Choose two people (whether they're characters, or real people!), and let me know how you'd like them to interact!  I'll cartoonify them and draw 'em in my style of digital art.

OK: Real people, self-inserts, OC's, fanart, anime waifus and husbandos, gay stuff, het stuff...any pairing really!  NSFW okay, but you're gonna have to deal with that in my cartoony style!

1. Email me at tempural@gmail.com or message me on twitter/insta to let me know what you'd like for me to draw, and send reference pictures so I know who to draw!
2. I'll discuss and confirm the idea with you.  Once confirmed, I'll send an invoice to you via Paypal or Square.
3. I'll sketch a mock-up of the pose, and send that to you for confirmation.  Please let me know any and all changes/adjustments you'd like at this stage!!!
4. Once you've okayed the sketch, I'll get to inking and coloring.
5. I'll send you a preview of the finished drawing!  Please let me know if you have any small adjustments you'd like (like adding freckles, changing hair or eye color, etc.)
6. Once you've okayed the final drawing, I'll send you a link to the final large drawing via Google Drive!

I cannot do any large revisions or changes (like changing the pose or characters) after the sketch phase!  Please make sure that's what you want before we go forward!  I'll be happy to work with you on small changes!

I draw everything with Adobe Photoshop CS6, and color in the same program as well.  Color art will be cel-shaded with some light details.


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