I take care of many cats, let's meet them!

Annie May "Doug" Oakley
TYPE: Black and tan chihuahua (?)
AGE: 7 or 9 years old
HT: small   WT: 7 lbs
Likes: Cheese, cheerios, human food, jerky, Shane's mom, chasing our neighbor Brutus, kinda going to the park sometimes, being warm, burrowing in dirty laundry
Dislikes: Brutus, Grasshopper, Tigg, strangers, mustard, rain, baths, moisture, nail clipping

Doug has been with Shane the longest!  She's lazy and is either sleeping, eating, or whining for food.  She is very picky about her cheese brands.  

When we are sleeping, she whines to get on the bed then jumps off the bed immediately to sleep in dirty laundry.  Then in in the morning she stomps on us with her painful tiny needle feet to find an opening in the blankets.  Doug wakes us up by barking at weird shit at 5 am.   

She hates dogs with penises.  One time she saved us from a fire by whining until we let her out!

she has her own bed.