Mar 6, 2019

Ollie n' Scylla Comix

3am ideas that have devoured my life.  

Ollie's grows hydroponic weed.  He's also 23 and still in high school (sucks to flunk 8 yrs in a row!).  
Basile's an ex-con laying low as a French teacher, waiting to move back to Europe.
Ollie finds Basile's old porno vids from the 80's, and things snowball from there.  Fun!
Sometimes Ollie is a girl named Liv.  Sometimes Ollie and Liv both exist in the same universe.

It's been fun constructing a mundane universe with no stakes.  All the stakes are in the past, when Basile was involved in mob stuff that ruined his life and got his penis chopped off.  Now Basile's just tryna chill in his old age, while Ollie's tryna get his dick wet.

Also, 18+ warning for naked man bodies and weiners.
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Humble beginings!

Sugar daddy.


Role reversal.

Ollie finally graduates high school and becomes a track coach!  Woowee!

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