Jul 29, 2018


My full piece for @thedethzine!  
Metalocalypse was one of my first fandoms when I was a wee lad (along with Tee Eff Two lolz), and it’s nice to draw something for it now that I can draw.  A lil’ different interpretation of the official music video for my favorite Dethklok song~ Nathan’s still got his axe n’ he rides a steel horse, but now the beautiful lady is Skwisgaar 🖤
All the proceeds go to charity!  Proceeds will go to Direct Aid, as well as the family of Jon Schnepp, one of the directors of the show.   
Some wips under the cut:

some concept sketches, I knew I wanted the Frazetta-esque thang.
Figuring out how to draw the characters after so long~

Individual drawings I put together!!!

Starting the BG in photoshop, don't have the patience to do symmetry in traditional media!

Anddddd carving out the details in the bones.  Big shapes + eraser tool is my best friend.